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karnil macdonald
17 April 1979
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karnil -- It's pronounced "kar-neel"... simple enough?

Certified massage therapist working as a Verizon Wireless retail sales representative.

I sing, massage (not enough, I know), do reiki and hypnotherapy, sometimes dance (always managing to teach someone how to meringue), and am generally interested in anthropology and spirituality. And I haven't been playing WoW for the last few months at least.

This is My journal; these are My thoughts. Sometimes PC, sometimes not. Sometimes depressing, sometimes sensual. I'm not forcing you to read anything =)

For anyone who cares, I seem to be an ENFP.

The WeatherPixieI've noticed that since writing in this blog, I have had a drastic change in the way I perceive the world around me. Every so often, my mind categorizes the day by thankful thoughts, memorable quotes, and subject titles for possible LJ posts.

Having my life on display has also had a great impact on my actions and choices. I sometimes partially base my decisions on the reaction I expect to receive from my choice. It's still my decision, but I usually go with the option that I would receive the least amount of grief over. I feel that I'm held more accountable for my life than before I had "LJ friends."

I choose to put my daily recollections in a public place. I wonder who reads these words beyond my "friends list" but I do not worry about stalkers or other such nonsense because I now have a much stronger base of support among the people I know.

It puts a smile on my face to know that other people spend time reading what I have to say about life. For someone who has battled with self-esteem issues all her life, a small degree of vanity is a blessing.

Welcome to my world. It is alternatively boring and random, peaceful and insane, lonely and sensual, mundane and magical, stressful and silly. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I enjoy writing these events.
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I should make it known, for those of you who don't know me,
that I can't stand the following:

1) Machines that try to understand voice responses. They drive me nuts.
2) pEoPlE WhO WrItE LiKe tHiS.
3) People who can't spell and don't bother to use a simple spellchecker. The only exception to this rule is p4t.
4) Apostrophes in the wrong places, and incorrect usage of homonyms (especially your/you're, to/too/two, and its/it's).
5) Anyone who tries to force their opinions on another person.
6) "would of" and "should of". I know that's how it sounds, but the letters you are looking for are H, A, V, and E -- not O and F.

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